Monday, 14 May 2012

Postcrossing Cards - week #19

Six more postcard from Postcrossers arrived last week. Joseph is also very happy with the incoming post.

The Royal Albert Hall came all the way from Germany, cool chick from Brazil made it in 60 days and the siamese cat is from Kaelyn who is 9 years old. The duck in the coffee is an illustration by Kaj Stenvall and was send from Finland; beautiful oil paintings with humor. Ammy from Singapore sent me the Snowman and she also shared the link of her blog. Finally the white bunnies are from Czech Republic. They are called Bob a Bobek, the illustrator is Vladimir Jiranek.

Ammy's blog -
Kaj Stenvall

Monday, 7 May 2012

Cats with (extra) moustache

Enjoy and admire this gorgeous, velvety creature... Isn't he wonderful!

Every first sunday of the month there is Sunday Market in Amsterdam. A concept that flew over from the United Kingdom. A very pleasant, creative and 'gezellig' (cosy) event in my city.
Yesterday i paid my first visit this year. It was cold but sunny and as I arrived at noon, when the market had just started, it was not too busy yet.

You can hire a stall and show your goods and creative projects. A lot of handmade cloths for children, beautiful, organic food, funny inventions, bric and brac and now and then also a stall with paper goods. Not enough paper goods for my liking. Might hire a stall some day myself, I wish ;))

I discovered these postcards with moustachy-cats. They made me smile from ear to ear and I bought a set of 8 cards. There's a whole concept of cat-creativity on the PloesiePoesie-website. Have a look and enjoy. Here's another beauty with moustache:

Ploesie Poesie
Sunday Market Amsterdam

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Juliana Stamp MailArt

An Englishman living in France, who used to live in The Netherlands, made this wonderful piece of Juliana Stamp Art. The big stamp though is Wilhelmina, Juliana's mum. I have never seen a stamp of ten gulden ever before. That must have been a heavy letter or parcel.

The artist who made this Stamp Art is Valentine Mark Herman and besides Stamp Art he also makes Mail Art, Postcard Art, Slide Art, Evelop Art and he likes cats and hats!

Valentine Mark Herman
International Union of Mail-Artists