Thursday, 30 August 2012

Blue boekie for Laurence

Inspired by some beautiful MailArt boekies, I finally started making booklets / boekies again. Lot's of work but soooo good to do. In the meantime I have collected quiet some books about book making. I love looking at the pictures. So inspiring... and it looks all so easy. But it can be quiet frustrating to try to make one myself. Well, good practice in patience, I guess.

For Laurence in France I made this blue boekie as a MailArt project. First I painted the paper, then I folded and cut it and then I glued some miniature drawings in it. Making the content is almost harder to make then the boekie itself. Well, that is, when I am familiar with the kind of boekie. But on the web I found some handy lists with 'prompts' for thinking of content... or a drawing... or a collage. All the good things I find on the internet ;))

Today Laurence sent me a message that she received the boekie and that she likes it. I am so pleased. But even more, Laurence made a little movie of the boekie and posted it on her blog. Coooool. Only I am a bit worried that she hasn't discovered yet she can pull the ribbon. That's the idea of this 'ingenious' folded boekie.

Laurence Gillot's blog

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

MailArt from... Stephanie Blake, Gilberte Vermeulen and Sarah Churchill

Look at this! An official 'just a plain white envelop'. First I thought I had won the lottery as a Dutch lottery sends similar envelops. Telling me I have won lots of money... if only I had filled in their form and paid them money. Now this envelop from Stephanie Blake, USA, really contains something nice. Two Official TrashPo buttons. Cool! Thank you, Stephanie.

Something different this time from Guido Vermeulen, Belgium. Interesting quotes on the envelop like 'Believe in Yourself' and this wise advice: 'when you're upset, ask yourself ' Will this matter to me in a years time? Most of the time it won't'. Also included is a beautiful photograph of...? What is it, Guido? Did you take it at an exhibition in Brussels or Antwerp. I would love to see it in real. Only two hours by train from Amsterdam. Dank je wel!

Sarah Churchill, UK, made a big collage in gold and sent me a piece. I love the ton-sur-ton use of colours. I remember seeing the original somewhere, but can't find it anymore. Thank you, Sarah.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Cyza's Suus in Mokum & mandala

Another wonderful treasure, made by Cyza, 9 years. Cyza and her family looked after my cats when I was away for a week. Cats happy, me happy, Cyza's family happy.

When arriving home I found this wonderful creation. Suus in Mokum in purple with blue hair (punk look, hihi) and a sophisticated mandala. Made with markers / felt pens. Looks super, Cyza. 

Thursday, 23 August 2012

MailArt from... Guido Vermeulen, Lynn Radford and Dean Marks

Guido's painted envelops are fascinating. Still I don't get it, how he paints them. With paint or ink in a straw maybe? The painting consists of several layers of colours, must take a long time. The collage is a collaborative collage of Guido (Belgium) and Stephanie Blake (USA). It is called 'The identification of the usual suspects'. Thank you, Guido.

Lynn Radford, USA, sends me this envelop with two compartements. As I didn't want to tear the envelop I turned it over and over again to find a kind of opening. When shaking this piece of Mail Art, it made a soft sound.
Inside the envelop are seeds! How did this get through the customs, hihi? I think the seeds are of the flower Black-Eyed Susan... As I don't have a garden, I will sow them on the flat roof. Hope they will bloom in autumn. Thank you, Lynn,

Frietjes (fries) with pioenroses in a frietzakje-shape with the flower beds on the Grote Markt in Brussels. What a great idea. Mmmmmm. The Belgiums make the best frietjes... and the Dutch eat them. Dean Marks (France) the 'Unofficial, unlicensed and Unauthorized Mail Artist sends me this pretty piece.

On the back The Must of Brussels and a French stamp that says something about an anniversary of 300 years of the Battle of De Denain? Is that right? Thank you, Dean.

Monday, 20 August 2012

MailArt from... Katerina Nikoltsou, Claudia McGill and Valentine Mark Herman

Such a nice way to start monday with posting received MailArt. Or is it Mail Art? From Katerina, Greece this summer collage. Oooooh, to be close to a cooling sea now on a beach that is not crowded with half the population of Amsterdam, it's suburbs and the rest of Holland ;)). Katerina uses these interesting stamps. On the envelop there is a stamp of IUOMA. She kindly informed me how she got these magnificent marks. Thank you, Katerina.

Claudia McGill, USA, sent this beautiful painting with the text ' I'm a lonely little petunia in the onion patch'. It's from a song she remembers when she was young. The technique of the painting is really inspiring. I think she first put colours on the paper, then covered it with black and white paint and scraped the flower in the paint, so the colours very modest show. A technique I will try myself! Thank you, Claudia.

This is fun! And very handy. Val, the Mail Artist and Master of Sigean, France (his words), sent me a map with all the interesting and favorite places he frequents. Who doesn't want to know where Val holds his exhibitions, buys his newspaper, gets a drink and buys his groceries on tuesday and friday. One day, this will be a historical piece. Thank you, Val.

Website Claudia McGill
Website Valentine Mark Herman

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Blue circle / mandala

It's been a while since I made a 'big' circle in seven colours. A seven colour circle by Suus.
Or mandala as most people would call it. At the moment I still draw a lot, patterns, doodles, combinations of creaturs, zombies and patterns. But the size is much smaller, more postcard-like.
This is an oldie I made a couple of years ago. (40x40 cm, sold)

Seven colour circles by Suus

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Mail Art from... Jim SantAmour, Roberto Rios and Nancy Bell Scott

First MailArt from Jim SantAmour. Jim took the photo in Pine Level, North Carolina. He added paper scraps and ink, I think. The scene reminds me of an American movie I saw long time ago. Main and...? Very pretty. Thank you, Jim.

This came all the way from Puerto Rico from Roberto Rios. The envelop is handmade from a magazine page. Very clever. The card is a collage made from different sorts of paper and paint is added. Thank you, Roberto.

Wooooooooow. I have been admiring Nancy Bell Scott's work on IUOMA. Beautiful collage paintings, made from... I couldn't tell. But now I can study this gorgeous piece up close, carefully and in my own time. The colour composition is brilliant. Thank you, Nancy.

website Nancy Bell Scott

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Doodle Cat

This doodle-cat I made for MailArt. StripyGoose received it in april. The envelop was done with silver ink.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Mail Art - received week #32

Torma Cauli from Hungary sent me a wonderful collage. The background looks like the printed inside of an envelop. The stamp, collage and painted flowers make it complete. Thank you, Torma.

From the USA a message that I am pre-approved! Pre-approved for Official Trashpo/Dkult. It even contains my own ID-Kard. All I have to do is bite my personal ID-Kard. It will give me a 'card blanch' whenever the police or some mental health professionals will question me about making / collecting / receiving things for making Mail Art. My endless gratefulness for this De Villo Sloan.

Valentine Mark Herman in France lives close to the beach. At least, I think he does. With driftwood and other things the sea left on the beach he made some fabulous trashpo art. Don't know if this one has a title, but with the blue hat it reminds me a bit of Val. And he sent me my own photograph of it. Signed and with a message. Thank you, Val.

A sunny, orange composition from Katerina Nikoultsou, Greece. And even this piece has some blue on it. Thank you, Katerina.

First Mail Art to receive from Sherri Ayers, USA. It came with a mysterious card that I had to read upside down in front of the mirror. My assignment is to pimp the postcard and send it back. Sounds like fun. Thank you, Sherri.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Mail Art or... IUOMA

April this year I discovered the website of IUOMA. Now how does one pronounce that? Eee-juu-joomaa? The letters stand for International Union of Mail Artist.

To me that sounded very official and at first the title rather put me off. But after watching from the sideline for a couple of days I had courage enough to send another Mail Artist something. You become an IUOMA-member for free, you get your own page and you can brows other members' pages and voila... just start and see what happens.
Valentine Mark Herman in France received my first experimental collage.
The first Mail Art piece I received was from Sarah Churchill, UK. She sent me a see-through monster. I love cute creatures/monsters and I loved Sarah's monster.

Since april I have sent and receives beautiful pieces of Mail Art. It is much more personal and creative than Postcrossing, as every piece is handmade. So cool. But of course it does take more time  to make something yourself, compared to writing a postcard. Something has to give... and now my activities as a Postcrosser will decrease.