Saturday, 29 September 2012

Lines and lots of blue

Receiving MailArt from all over the world is wonderful. And of course it also means I sent pieces around the globe. These are some patterns / semi-tangles / drawings with acrylic ink.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

MailArt from... Vizma Bruns, Carina Granlund and Claudia McGill

Spooky scene from Vizma Bruns, Australia. And honestly, I only noticed what the lady is up to, when I saw Vizma's collage on the laptop screen. The text is in a language I don't know, but I suspect it is Baltic? Reading it out loud, it sounds a bit like a Latvian song in the Eurovision Song Contest. Thank you, Vizma.
From Carina Granlund, Finland I received this collage full of surprises and with nice message on the back. Do I recognize the captain from the comic TinTin? His Flemish/Dutch name is Kuifje and I don't like Kuifje (very old story, hihi). But even so, thank you very much Carina.

Claudia McGill, USA, sent this mixed media piece with the quote "Purple night, moon above Glowing green street. Now and then You just see my shadow". Beautiful purple colours and like Vizma's MailArt, I could only see a figure, while it was on the screen. I wonder do I need special MailArt specs? Thank you, Claudia.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

MailArt from... Stephanie Blake, Dean Marks and Katerina Nikoltsou

This is pretty! Art Charms on a key ring from Stephanie Blake, USA. They are all different. I could have a better look, but then I have to open the special see through envelop. Don't want to spoil it. My address is printed on pieces of see through cello tape, stuck on the other side of the envelop. And the plastic that made the envelop was put under a sewing machine. Unique piece. Thank you, Stephanie.

Haha, Dean Marks, France invited me to the Ana Banana Group. I seem to qualify for that selection of slightly strange people. And he sent me a funny banana postcard right away. I think the banana flying the plane is called Bernhard. Just a guess. Thank you, Dean.

Some daze in Athens, Katerina Nikoltsou from Greece writes. My first association was a tsunami... Hope that will never happen. Thank you again, Katerina.

Monday, 17 September 2012

MailArt from... Theresa Williams

This is really a wonderful surprise. Theresa Williams, USA, sent me a signed and numbered photograph postcard of Baby Zombo! I am delighted. Theresa bought a broken doll at Goodwill and paid 25 cents for it. She painted him and gave him the beautiful name Baby Zombo. Now she will photograph his adventures.

Now... that does remind me of my Suus in Mokum-blog. About an Amsterdammertje exploring Amsterdam together with her cat friend Zampie. But that blog is kaput and I have to make another one. Fortunately I still have all the photo's and little stories. It's on my to-do-list.

Together with the beautiful picture of Baby Zombo, Theresa also sent me certificate of authenticity #5. I am so honoured. Oh, and I am invited to the Hollowe'en Ball at New Tombstone, Thank you, Theresa.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

MailArt from... Yves Maraux and Valentine Mark Herman

Yves Maraux, France sent me a recycled Fuji-photo-envelop, stuffed with interesting bits and pieces. Organizing them as a kind of tablaux, I see a maybe-boekie in it ;)) Thank you, Yves.

Why does Donald Duck walk around in his own world with only a jacket on? I have wondered about that often. But lots of cartoon characters go around naked and only on special occasions they dress up. And then most of the time they only dress up half ;)) Valentine made this postcard with an interesting collage of exotic ladies and a Donald Duck alike doll on a duck. Thank you Val.

Monday, 10 September 2012


As long as I can remember I have been drawing patterns, thing-ies, doodles... silly creatures.
On the internet I found some websites that make this 'mindless doodling' suddenly sound very official. And spiritual in a sense as well.

Whatever people find in it, it is fun experimenting with stripes, dots, circles, lines, shapes. And these website are a wonderful inspiration for discovering how other people combined the lines and other shapes. Look at the Celtic knots! They are so old and still so very attractive.

Combining the doodles with silly creatures is my approach. I will call them 'SnoobleDoodles ;)) The next step was using watercolours. Not sure about that, will need more experiments!


Saturday, 8 September 2012

MailArt from... Katerina Nikoltsou, Ed Schenk and Diane Keys

This time I have received MailArt with lots of letters. Blue-uhuuuu from Katerina, Greece with a creature-like-black-something that I remember to have seen somewhere else? But where? On who's MailArt? I love the Greek letters of the UHU-package. But uh... I use a glue stick from HEMA ;)) Thank you, Katerina.

From the other side of Amsterdam, Nederland, this altered postcard was send by Ed Schenk. Nice idea to know there is another IUOMA-ist in the city. Thank you, Ed.

A collage message from the USA. What I read in it, is that once you start MailArt, you can't stop. Or is that a myth? I admire people who compose messages from different texts. What you want to say must be somewhere in you mind, I guess, while browsing the magazines, papers, etcetera. The sender I could find through the address. Thank you, Diane.

PS: Just discovered Diane uses the creature-like-black-something as her avatar. What it the story?

Sunday, 2 September 2012

MailArt from... Dean Marks, France

Beautiful composition and study of Josephine Bonaparte by Dean Marks, France. My upstairs neighbour is also very impressed. She had to walk down the stairs and receive it from the postman, as it doesn't fit in a postbox.

Also the back of this MailArt piece is interesting. It gives more information about the life of Josephine, her family tree and clues about the rooms in her house. (I think that the house actually had more the size of a palace, hihi.) Look at the Nemo-stamp in the right corner! Thank you Dean!