Monday, 29 October 2012

MailArt from... David Stafford, Niklas Heed, Theresa Williams and Sarah Churchill

Somebody is very good with the computer and a very skilled drawing-artist -> A tiny kind of superman is flying to the rescue of the cat, caught in some machinery. Very funny, very cool MailArt. If only I knew who sent it to me. The stamp says Alberquerque.
Ps: mystery solved. It is David Stafford! Thank you, David.

Baby Zombie with his little sister, Lil! Such a lovely, cute couple. Beautiful pictures. I hope they will explore and visit lots of places, so Theresa Williams, USA, will be able to take lots of photo's. I am a fan. Thank you, Theresa.

Niklas Heed, Sweden, sends me an 'add and pass' card in an envelop with a lovely drawing of a tired postman, giving his feet a rest in a bucket of water. Oooh, the poor man. My assignment is to fill layer 4 and send it to Tofu, USA. The results of this Millennium Project can be found on Tofu's website. Niklas managed to put a toddler between the lines of layer 3. Layer 2 was filled in by 'E'. Thank you, Niklas.

Tofu MailArt

Also Sarah Churchill, UK, wants me to 'work', hihi. No escaping now. She sends me two slides, so I can become an active member of the 'arty slides group'. Also a great doodle with 'silly creature' (my words), recycled plastic bag art and a nice personal note. Thank you, Sarah.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

MailArt from... Ala, Skybridge Studios and Valentine

Numbered fish (3/6) in plastic cover, confetti included from ALA, USA. Very nice. Thank you, ALA.

Skybridge Studios, USA, sent me a small envelop with two 'DKULT is the SHIT' buttons on a playing card. I am honoured to have these buttons. Thank you!

I was present as MailArtist Valentine Mark Herman collected all this discount-vouchers from a rack, somewhere in Maastricht, The Netherlands. But I never expected him to send me all these things. The plastic fork is the cherry on the cake!. Thank you, Val.

Monday, 22 October 2012

MailArt from... Ni Jian Ming, Nadine Wendell and ArtTower

Beautiful handmade paper with relief stamp from Ni Jian Ming, China. Ni Jian makes the stamps himself, as the paper. Fantastic. I saw a picture of him where he puts lots of frames with still wet paper to dry. A great addition to my paper collection. Thank you Ni Jian.
Mail from Hollywood, California, USA, yiehaa! Don't think I ever before received mail from Hollywood. Nadine Wendell sends me a drawing of a guy she observed at 4.30 am in 7.11. That is a junky 'convenience' store. 4.30 am... that's in the middle of the night! Well, very very early morning. Ooooh, to be able to draw whatever you see. Thank you, Nadine.
ArtTower, Germany, has a distinguished avatar, logo, recognizable creature. In this postcard it stars with a cat and two figures with a flash light (?) on their heads. Amazing perspective. Isn't borderline something about not knowing where borders are ;)) Thank you, ArtTower.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Seven colours... so many combinations

With one colour, you can make one combination -> blue and that's it. With two colours, you can make four combination -> blue and gold, gold and blue, blue and blue, gold and gold. Three colours means 3x3x3 = 27 combinations. And so on... I find that very hard to believe.

Mathemetics is still a mystery to me but a very good friend, who studied mathemetics and earned a title in this science as well, told me it really works this way. As I prefer to fill my mandala's with seven colours, that means that with seven colours I can make 7x7x7x7x7x7x7 combinations. According to my calculator that is 823.543 combinations!!!!! And then I didn't count the option of the variaty of filling in the pattern.

Of course I will never-ever reach the amount of 823.543 blue mini-mandala's (ø = 10 cm) but it is amazing and real fun to see how the colours combine and react to each other. The first five pieces you can see on my Flickr-page.

Blue mini-mandala's by Suus in Mokum on Flickr

Monday, 15 October 2012

MailArt from... Laurence Gillot, Guido Vermeulen en Barry Hall

Iiiieeee-aaaaaah. Laurence's donkey has finally made it. All the way from France to the Netherlands. He deserves lots of fresh carrots, hay and pride of place (stamps included) in the stable with the ox and the sheep. But no thoughts of christmas yet. It really is a miracle this unique piece of MailArt did reach my mailbox. Thank you, Laurence Gillot.

Big envelop with painting on it from Guido Vermeulen, Belgium. The envelop is quite heavy and inside is a bundle/zine/essay titled ' Fairytales in the Clouds'. Chapeau for Guido who appears to be not only a painter but also a poet, an editor and a collage-artist. Thank you, Guido.

Barry Hall from the United Kingdom has recently joined IUOMA. He sends me a collage with on the back a cupboard to put things in... Oooooi, another cupboard that I can put more stuff in ;) Thank you, Barry from historic Jarrow where the streets are bright and narrow.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

MailArt from... Willemien Visser, Jon Foster and Dean Marks

Willemien Visser in France has a very Dutch-sounding name, a bit of a mystery. This collage has German, French, Polish (?) and Dutch text on it. And a wise advice from Winny the Pooh was included in this attractive envelop. September 21st is a very good day as autumn starts! Thank you, Willemien.
Compilation of pics and drawings from Jon Foster, USA. Did he make the drawings himself or is it stamped? "Some call it the troublesphere"... Thank you, Jon.

Dean Marks from France, sent me lots of happy, jumping characters and lots of tops of the Eiffel Tower. Looks very inviting. The token is another invitation. Dean writes he knows where I can cash it, will I ever visit France. I am tempted. Thank you, Dean.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Mandala - Roze en blauwe muisjes

This mandala I made some years ago. The colours are inspired on 'roze en blauwe muisjes'. In The Netherlands people eat 'beschuit met muisjes' when a baby is born. The muisjes are made of aniseed sprinkles with a sugared coating. Indeed, pink for girls, blue for boys. When Queen Beatrix was born, the muisjes where orange. (40x40 cm)

Beschuit met muisjes - Wikipedia

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

MailArt from... Taidgh Lynch

Taidgh Lynch from Ireland has a true, witty, naivish, fabulous style. Really admire and love it. As the envelope arrived I studied the drawing closely. Just gorgeous. Looks like Taidgh used pen and colour pencils. Inside the envelop is a drawing of Irish mountains on beautiful paper and a personal note. Thank you, Taidgh.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

MailArt from... Cheryl Penn

Woooooow, from Cheryl Penn, South Africa. Never ever did I receive mail with so many South African stamps! That alone is a treat. But then... A real boekie, handmade by Cheryl. Isn't that gorgeous! It has a complicated, chaotic signature and I love it. Different kinds of paper in different shapes and messures. With stenciled text and Mona Lisa in mirrored position.

After studying the boekie thouroughly I discovered it is signed as well! Jippeeee. As I am a boekie-rookie myself, I love to visit Cheryl's website and admire her work and learn. When I wrote to her, I am struggling with the 'rules' of bookmaking, she gave me very good advice: MAKE YOUR OWN BOEKIE! And I am in the proces of it and enjoying it very, very much. Thank you, Cheryl.
Cheryl Penn Artist Books

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

MailArt from... Laurence Gillot

Laurence Gillot from France sent me a donkey with stamp... but the poor fellow or girl got lost in the post. Very sad. She tried it again with a safer parcel and look what was inside! A box with a stamp on it and in that box a lot of tiny, blue-ish things. Ooooh, I can use those for making a boekie. Laurence even sent me the Eiffel Tower! Thank you, Laurence.