Thursday, 27 December 2012

Limited edition poem postcard

Proud auntie typing this blog!
My niece Amber had her poem, titled 'Pretpark', published on 8 postcards. Very cool for a nine year old. It's a poem about her going with friends to a theme park. Every sentence starts with the same words but the sentence is growing and growing. Syntax in progress, aha! Good thing my cousin's name is on the postcards. Now the difficult part... who am I going to send these treasures to?
Amber's book of cats

Monday, 24 December 2012

MailArt from... Rachel Freeman, Carina Granlund, Katerina Nikoltsou and Sarah Churchill

Lots of symbols, hieroglyfs, signs and icons from Rachel Freeman, USA. They are all different and the gold letters are in relief. What a lot of work. Thank you, Rachel.
Carina Granlund, Finland, made this black & white collage with handwritten message. Looks like old touristic photographs with Russian and Scandinavian names. On the back a sixties or so add for a torture apparaatski to 'tone tummy, arms, waist, hips, thighs, buttocks too!' Might be handy after the Christmas dinners. Just right under this add Carina asks me how I will celebrate Christmas... is that a hint, hihi? Thank you, Carina

Warm blue Christmas greeting from Greece in Greek. Intriguing letters. It says "Send a message of hope". (Translation by Katerina, I don't know any Greek apart from Hoppa!) Also intriguing is the reindeer with sled. They seem to have lost Santa... oei. I love the tag white Xmas Mail Art stamps. Thank you, Katerina.
From the United Kingdom an envelop containing lots of thingies. Opening the envelop, glittering things fell out so I gave the lady on the envelop glittering specs. The arty slides Sarah Churchill made, have a Christmas theme. As they are unbreakable, I will hang them in the Christmas tree. The same tree that has fallen over every day since it was decorated... In case I might get bored these holidays, I can add on the with card for Cauli's add & pass project. Thank you, Sarah.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

MailArt from... Taidgh Lynch

This supersize envelop arrived halfway november... because I didn't have time to blog, I did not open it, for the surprise effect. How did I manage that? Only half december I found the envelop again in one of the so familiar piles with paper-absolutely-not-to-be-parted with. What a nice surprise, again!

It's from Taidgh, Ireland. The content is carefully wrapped in blue bubbeltjes-plastic. That's already a treat, blue bubbly plastic.

Look at this! A big piece of art and a handwritten letter in a mini decorated envelop.

This must have taken hours to draw and fill in with pencil. Monk's work. Beautiful colours, silly creatures, great piece! Thank you, Taidgh.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Painted paper boekie

For a very special friend I made this boekie after painting the watercolour paper with orange and red colours. It's one piece of A4, folded in an 'ingenious' way. One can really go crazy decorating a boekie.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

MailArt from... Thom Courcelle, Claudia McGill, Jon Foster and Dean Marks

'Follow your ART' is the message from Thom Courcelle, USA. In the envelop a movable-kind-of-sun-dial with poem on the back. My favourite line: 'There's never a bad time to send someone effections...' That applies to MailArt! Thank you, Thom.

Also from the USA this collage with layers of different kind of papers on a text about Mindfulness. The creation is by Claudia McGill. Lovely colours and composition. Thank you, Claudia.

And another piece of MailArt from the USA. Jon Foster used fragments from a cartoon (I guess) that were given a cover of stamps? Interesting result. Thank you Jon.

Master Chef uses bananas! Funny card by Dean Marks, France. Something about using pans made from copper or aluminium on iron? And the pans are going to attaque the water? My French has become rusty. It is really an honour to receive some banana's-MailArt. Thank you, Dean.