Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Miniatures blue-ish & purple-ish

These are square pieces of paper (6x6 cm) with simple patterns, filled in with as few colours as possible... and the colours (acrylic ink) are not supposed to touch one another. Looks cool together ;))

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Outgoing MailArt 2013 #2

Experiment! I made a boekie with lots of tiny pages and the idea is that it will be past on. Every receiver can add and pass whatever they like. Very curious if it works and... will it return to Amsterdam, one day. Also some collages.

Monday, 14 January 2013

MailArt from... Willemien Visser, Claire Dinsmore, Dean Marks, Niklas Heed

Advent-surprise from Willemien Visser, France. She writes in Dutch that the world has not come to an end on december 12 or 21? I forgot... obviously not as I blog this sweet collage here.

Claire Dinsmore, USA, made this piece called 'Modzlity 5' with scraps, stamps and writing on all sorts of beautiful paper.

Also from France this 'vlechtmatje' made from 'security patterns which can be found inside of envelopes'. Dean Marks weaved a security blanket to keep me safe. That is such a sweet gesture. And looks like a lot of work.

Niklas Heed, Sweden, decorated a large envelop with stamps and profile picture drawings of...? In combination with Kong Carl Gustav and the scared lady it looks mysterious. Inside are two very, very old postcards from Karlstad en Bords with beautiful copperplate handwriting. One card says "Gratulerer pa Augustdagen". As Niklas explained these cards belonged to his grandfather August and long time ago people celebrated their name's day. What a treat.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Outgoing MailArt 2013 #1

3D-ish items with silly creatures (crochet & punnik) and the sad remains of a christmas angel... thanks to my furry friend Troels ;)

Saturday, 5 January 2013

MailArt from... StripyGoose, Heleen de Vaan, 'E', Cernjul Viviana and De Villo Sloan

This is number 286 of Stipy Goose's MailArt 365-project. Rudolph without red nose on a season postcard drawing. Fantastic! Stripy Goose, UK, uploads every day a new piece on IUOMA and MailArt 365. I am a fan!

From my 'neighbour' Heleen de Vaan, Nederland. Two very nice pen and pencil drawings also postcard size. It may be a coincidence but the piece on the left shows quotes that I seem to use myself quite often. Especially the 'I wanna see the manager'... Oh, and only now while writing the blog I recognize a drawn image of a mutilated mandala I used for decorating an envelop I sent Heleen. Nice surprise ;)

Voilàaaaa, 'E' from Ambassade d'Utopia, France, sent me a 'Certificate de Propriete MailArtistique' with evidence she (he?) received my MailArt. Je suis très heureuse. The envelop looks printed by own design and included is a list with MailArt pieces 'E' has received. Mine is number 198. I admire people who have a meticulous filing system. 

In Argentina, this collage was put in an envelop by Cernjul Viviana and sent to Amsterdam. I LIKE the use of fragments from a telephone book and the paper with green turtle pattern feels very nice. It has an 'uneven' surface. Cernjul also has a blog about MailArt which I will add to my list on this blog. 

A beautiful piece of asemic visual poem titled "For Suus" by De Villa Sloan, USA. Asemic writing is something I discoverd through MailArt and it looks gorguous. What it is? A kind of writing but not using the familiar letters from an alphabet. Makes it all the more mysterious. Just Google <asemic writing, images> and you will see lots of examples.
The collage says 'Your future is MinXus' and shows Marilyn Monroe and an add for training as a secretary at home. Well, if Marilyn had done that, we would never have heard of her, I guess.

Blog Cernjul Viviana

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

MailArt from... Christopher Skinner

 A tiny, blue, quite heavy for its size envelop arrived.
It contains a tiny book with the title 'Field Notes'.

What a beautiful boekie! The publisher / author / photographer is Christopher Skinner, United Kingdom. It is unique, funny, interesting and it looks stunning. Christopher takes the reader (me, in this particular case) for a walk with him and his dog Devo. The walk is precisely described. Mind you, the walk is on a 'strictly private' path, which makes it more exciting! Will they be caught by the local bobby? 

The story is full of tiny details and can be used as a guide to repeat Christopher & Devo's walk. The boekie has a map, directions and even the latitude and longitude are mentioned. Oh, and then all the work it must have taken to figure out what goes on what 'page' of the ingenious folded boekie. Thank you very much, Christopher.