Friday, 29 March 2013

MailArt from... Taidgh Lynch

Absolutely grand MailArt from Taidgh Lynch, Ireland. Taidgh is a true 'Envelop MailArtist'. The variation of forms is endless and the use of colour is brilliant. This wonderful blue envelop arrived just before Valentine's day. This one is an experiment as the drawings are made with a biro.
Also the back of the envelop is covered with intriguing forms and funny creatures.
Although Taidgh's envelops are already arty pieces in itself, this time the content is also a feast.
A copy of Taidgh's first 'poetry and art zine'. The themes are poetry, eyes, doors & telephones, trees, poetry and sketches. Congratulations on your first zine, Taidgh. Very inspiring and wonderfully done.  It is wonderful as are the other arty objects included. 

Just before Saint Patrick's Day this green envelop arrived in Amsterdam, jippee. Do I see leprachauns, beer, Irish clovers? And pay attention to the Saint Patrick's stamp. The Irish do love that monk who expelled the non-existing snakes from Ireland ;)
My idea was to open the envelop on Saint Patrick's Day in a very nice Irish pub in Amsterdam, but a nasty virus sabotaged me plans...

Thank you, Taidgh!

Taidgh's blog ->

Saturday, 23 March 2013

MailArt from... Stephanie Blake, ArtTower, Sarah Churchill, Neil Gordon, Angie & Snooky

Intriguing envelop with two compartements arrived from the USA. Stephanie Blake sends numbered, selfmade mini buttons on a mini collage. Love the miniature style.
ArtTower from Germany also sends a numbered (#1) piece of MailArt and wishes me Happy MailArt in 2013... to give an impression how much I am behind with blogging ;)) ArtTower's little figures / creatures are very cool.
And another numbered MailArt piece! Sarah Churchill from Wales, United Kingdom, is doing MailArt365 and this is #287. That is more than halfway! Sarah shows 'mailart received' on YouTube, now that is using the modern social media. Also she visited Cardiff Castle and I put the castle on my list for future holiday destinations ;)
First MailArt received from Neil Gordon, USA. I envy people who can make collages with the daily notes, things they have available. Neil went shopping and bought... tuna, organic snacks and 'mac'?? + cheese. And it looks like he enjoyed a cup of early grey tea.
Special card from Angie & Snooky (= dog), USA, with thank you for showing 'Lil Red Bag around in Amsterdam. It was a pleasure to do so, Angie. Thank you for your kind message. 

Thank you all!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

MailArt from... Vaida Sirusaite, Spopod, Rebecca Guyver, Mailarta and Valentine Mark Herman

Beautiful Fiber/PaperArt from Vaida Sirusaite, Lithuania. The red material is between a handpainted / handcut border. It is amazing! Vaida writes "There is an imaginary jellifish tengled in the midst of these threads".
Spopod, USA, sends this stamped MailArt, coloured in with crayons.
It gets depth by the colouring in. Like!
Rebecca Guyver, UK, is on a mission. She wants to complete a natural alphabet and this is the 'I'.
I wonder what the B and G look like... She will post the complete natural alphabet on
From Canada another Banana MailArt piece! From Mailarta herself. The art is sealed in plastic and sent just like this as you see it on the photograph. Very cool.
Sixties, colourfull collage from Val, France, with future holiday greeting ;) Only after taking the picture I notices the Danish flag... after sending Val a link of a Danish competitor in the Songcontest of 1980. Coincidence?

Thank you all

Thursday, 14 March 2013

MailArt from... Rachel Freeman, Claudia McGill, The Blessed Father, Ruud Janssen, Edna Toffoli

Rachel Freeman, USA, made this amazing doodle-mandala. Notice the bunnies and light effects in the outer circle.

Mixed media collage in layers with cat from Claudia McGill, USA. 
The Blessed Father, USA, sends 'Official United States Postal Service Snail Mail' which is four snail mail stamps with signature and they are numbered. Very impressive. Included is also a 'Get out of Hell Free' card, which is a very handy card. One never knows...
Ruud Janssen, the General President of IUOMA sends an envelop full with goodies and an official collage of rubberstamps paper with the request to fill it with... rubber stamps. That is an official assignment. It will be returned to Breda, The Netherlands.
Also Edna Toffoli, Brasil sends MailArt with an assignment. Flying sneakers and the request to fill the postcard ;))

Thank you all

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Banana MailArt - update

More Banana MailArt has arrived! Time for an update. From Greece this blue Valentine-banana greeting made by Momkat. Nice orange net-paper. Think I have some in blue, somewhere. Or had...

Alicia Starr (USA) sends a 'lucky banana foot'. Don't know what it is, but lucky is always good.
Love the silly creatures with goggles on bicycles.
I bet they are dope free.

Now this is a treasure! Angela R. Cope, USA, found this nostalgic photograph of the banana bunch. Banana Boat Captain Dr. Hilbert Day did research the stuff that is in the banana and gave it to undernourished children at the end of the session.
Even in old times the small ones had to sit in the front line. Nothing changed... 
Anna Banana herself sent me the real Banana Rag from Canada! My own copy with personal message and international art post stamps. There's one with a banana! Also Anna invites me to join a Mail Art Exhibition in Canada. Woooow, I am flattered. Better start a mailart diary ;))

Thank you all

Banana MailArt part1 (24 maart 2013)
Februari 21st seems to be World Banana Day! Isn't that nice? All the more reason for MailArtist Dean Marks from France to organize a Banana-MailArt-Exchange. His piece is stunning! A crate but not really... a postcard but more a piece of crate... 'a cimple crate by day, banana box by night'. Jekyll & Hide-double personality crate. It arrived just like on the photograph. No envelop, no wrapping. Cool!
Mim from USA spotted this unusual visit of a banana-UFO in North Carolina, USA. 
Reminds me of The Invision of the Body (Banana) Snatchers.
From Louise Kiner, Cananda, this drawing with delicious Banana Bread Recipe on the back of the card. One needs very, very ripe banana's for a good result. Love the zombie Banana!
Rebecca Guyver, UK, sketched a bunch of banana's with the participating Banana MailArtist as stickers on the fruit! One has to be banana's to join the Banana MailArt Exchange, really ;)) Masterpiece.
Godzilla juggling with banana's from Carina Granlund, Finland. It's made on very thick paper with bright yellow tape. And it says: Do Not Open. A message like that drives me banana's! What will happen if I do open it? Explosion? Surprise? Go to jail?

I am still working om my Banana-MailArt but have sent most of them. To be continued...

Saturday, 9 March 2013

MailArt from... TofuArt, David Stafford, Diane Keys, Mim4Art and Theo Nelsson

A real Dutch master: Doggie in Blue Reading a Letter by Vermeer and TofuArt, USA.
Notice the antique Dutch stamp.
David Stafford from the USA sent this Asian looking snake.
On the back a 'common roll-up snake' in watercolours. It is a Chinese Water Snake... a silk screen project that Patti and David collaborated on.
 DK from USA (Diane Keys) made this asemic-writing-note-and-black-consists-of-lot-of-colours MailArt.
 Mim4Art (USA) altered a photograph and voila:
a beautiful composition that functions as MailArt postcard.
From Theo Nelsson, Canada, this pendrawing with watercolours.
Love the blue and red. Also my favorite colours to work with. 
Thank you all

Monday, 4 March 2013

Mini jumper for Isabeau

New baby in the neighbourhood and her name is Isabeau. She's already four weeks old, lovely and beautiful and I visited her today. And I was allowed to hold her. So tiny, little Isabeau! But the tiny jumper is still too big ;)) As three crosses are the logo of Amsterdam, I choose three ribbons for the new inhabitant of Amsterdam.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

MailArt from... StripyGoose, Dean Marks, XXJones, Jon Foster and Christina Coppa

Yesterday StripyGoose, UK, completed her 365 MailArt challenge! Hurraaaaaa. What an achievement. And she did it within one year! Fantastic. This is #307 and I received it around New Year, I think. Lovely pattern, great colours. Me myself am also doing the 365 MailArt but the first year will pass in April and... still 188 to go.

Dean Marks, France, sent this 2D masterpiece on december 14, 2012. Yes... I am behind with blogging. Sorry. It is the three kings visiting Brian and do I spot a chocolate wrapper? 

From Vienna, Austria, this romantic piece arrived. It is made by XXJones. I tried to figure out what technique is used. Computer art with stamping? Love the Irish harp and the use of blue. Very very nice.

Two MailArt pieces from the States! I remember a commercial on tv in which an American was visiting Europe and saying all the time 'In America it is much much bigger!'. The cool supersize envelop reminded me of that commercial and I was smiling. Jon Foster uses pretty vintage images and lots of cello tape. That in it self I find impressing... as I always get stuck and very angry with cello tape. 
This year I did receive Valentine Mail! Amazing, hihi. This sweet little paper parcel arrived in an envelop. And in it a flower, made of a map,  and a quote from John Lennon. So nice to have to unwrap MailArt. Christina Coppa from the USA sent it. Thank you.