Monday, 15 April 2013

MailArt from... MailArt Martha, XXJones, Amy Irwen, Valentine Mark Herman and Ruud Janssen

Colourful, ingeniously folded envelop with matching wrapper from MailArt Martha, UK.
A surprise in a surprise MailArt object. Like!
Inside are personalized Ex Libris stickers! They are fab. With IUOMA's anniversary and my name on them. Yes, real stickers. No glueing or licking needed. Will use them in my 'making handmake books' books. MailArt Martha tells me she thinks she has found her calling. Hurra!

From Austria this nice collage, made by XXJones.
I might use the idea of making letters from text pages myself. Very cool.

Beautiful poem "Journey" from Amy Irwen, USA on a fiber art card. I've been studying this... looks like Amy wrote the poem on something papery, glued (?) it on a sheet/piece of felt and finished the work on a sewing machine. Lovely. 

Valentine Mark Herman, France is collecting lots and lots and lots of postcards for an exhibition in Sigean. He will be the curator and host and... Sent him an envelop with very boring and/or ugly postcards. As a thank you, Val sent me this handcoloured card.
From Ruud Janssen, The Netherslands, a handpainted envelop with 'IUOMA 25 years' postcards and other goodies to pass on. Will use them in my own MailArt-projects.

Thank you all

Monday, 8 April 2013

Doodles - made by Amber

New doodle talent!
Amber, my niece, who will be ten in august.
Will be a delight to follow her development as an artist.

PS: spring (=sun) in Amsterdam, at last!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

MailArt from... Theresa Williams, Amy Morton, StripyGoose, Momkat and Marie Wintzer

Theresa Williams, USA, takes beautiful photo's starring Zombie Doll. This one is with a fossil of...? A goat? A crocodile? And it is signed. Great! 

Another MailArtist from the USA, Amy Morton, is also working on a photography series, called 'Nosecapes'. What a brilliant, original idea. But how manages Amy to keep the animals still?
I am curious for more items of the Nosecapes-series.

June 21st is International Gnome Day, writes StripyGoose UK, on this card. Good to know! Will write it on the calender. This is a drawing, number 220 of StripyGoose's MailArt 365 series. 
Last month she concluded the 365! Congratulations.
Blue-ish collage from Momkat, Greece. Her handmade stamps (carved in/from erasers) are authentic and very cool. Momkat reminds me to participate in her friend's exhibiton 'EGG' -Gallery of Colors in Thessaloniki.
I did! Some of my silly creatures / egg warmers will be on display in Thessaloniki, Greece.
How cool is that ;)

Unmistakenly Japanese paper envelop arrived from Marie Wintzer. Included is a boekie, made of shredded paper, plastic, paper clips and staples. I decipher French and Japanese? It looks gorgeous. 

Thank you all