Monday, 27 May 2013

MailArt from... Janine Weiss, Stimpdawg, Dean, Sarah Churchill, Claudia McGill

Janine from Switzerland sends this double MailArt. The one on the left is a mixed media collage with buttons, beads, paper, Asian letters. Looks great. Could be a tree or dancer, according to Janine. It looks to me as a scene from the 1930's... Seeing the MailArt piece on the right, I was reminded of the girl with the pearl earrings. 

 Great advice from Stimpdawg, USA. It's 'another Jen creation' on a blue watercolour background. Written and cut-out letters (all different font) and as extra a fine art bag tag.
Dean, France, made this piece without (!) his MailArt kit, sitting in a cafe in Paris. I am impressed as it are two postcards stuck together with lots of details and stamps on the back. 
Making MailArt in a cafe is a very good idea ;)

This one looks like it is 3D with a flash! Sarah Churchill, United Kingdom, sent it to Amsterdam. Sarah presents her received MailArt in video's on YouTube which is very entertaining to watch. And I am so honoured because my zombie-monsters featured in some of them.

Claudia McGill, USA, uses paint in a creative way. The outcome is beautiful. Looks like she used brushes, stamps and whatever she found to make surprising patterns.

Thank you all!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

MailArt from... XXJones, David Stafford, Momkat, Cristina B, TofuArt

Thick envelop from Austria! XXJones sent a surprise package for Easter and included is chocolate. The chocolate is for eating and then passing the left over. This project is started by Erni Bar, Germany. I love chocolate! Dark, very dark chocolate! So the next person to receive this package will have a lot to chew, hihi. 
XXJones included a DIY-little box with double sided tape to make the construction easier. 
The little figure on it says 'You too can be a super hero'. She looks a bit like the girl from Ratz & Rube. Folded, the box looks like this: 
No name on the next MailArt envelop but with an address in the USA. A bit of detective work revealed that it is from David Stafford. 
It is a beautiful (altered) photograph of a swimming pool. The colours and lights are fabulous. On the back a postcard writing from Deirdre and Wally. St. Peter has welcomed them and it is even more magnificent than in their dreams.

They even had a drink with James Dean.
Momkat from Greece sends another blue masterpiece. It's a mixture of collage with a prominent place for an art work by Victor Vasarely. Of whom I have never ever heard, but I love his pattern and colour. 
Candy pink composition with the etiquet of a bottle of pink champagne? 
It is the first MailArt I received from Cristina B. who lives in Germany. 

Also I have received "one of a small piece of art created in April 2013" by TofuArt, USA. The pieces were selected and sent at random. What I have to do is put the tiny piece of art back in the glassine envelop, stick it in a book, forget about it and when I eventually might find it again one day, discard and/or recycle it. Hihihi... hide some art in a book.

Thank you all!