Saturday, 29 June 2013

MailArt from... Yulia-Fruit Ananas, Christine Coppa and Erni Bär

MailArt time again! It has been a while. I haven't been sending lots of MailArt lately, alas, and so I didn't receive lots either. Fair enough ;) This detailed drawing of an owl is from Yulia-Fruit Ananas. With tiny feather of an... owl? This piece came all the way from Siberia, Russia. That is so cool. 

Christine Coppa, USA, sent a paper art piece of MailArt. The heart of the flower contains a lid - or is it the closing thing of a bottle - with a quote by J.K. Rowling. Now I wonder how did it get into this little yellowish thing. Was it already there? Did Christine manage to get it there? The quote by the way is one I agree with.
Not that that is of any interest, hihi.

Two pieces of MailArt by Erni Bär from Germany. They arrived seperately. Erni makes collages that tell a story. The longer I look at them, the more I wonder which story Erni wants to tell. Or maybe it is up to the interpretation of the receiver. The circle on the top piece seems to move... Optical Art!

Thank you all!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Potholders (pannenlappen)

A nostalgic granny square set and a more modern set.
Every chef needs to protect his/her fingers.
Interested in a set of potholders, made by Suus in Mokum?
Let me know.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

MailArt from... Momkat, Erni Bär, Jon Foster, Ruud Janssen, Valentine Mark Herman

Ooooh, I see the sun sinking in the sea.
Lovely piece from Momkat, Greece.
The sandy beach is made of sandpaper. I can feel the texture. The other dominant colour is blue. Momkat likes blue... so do I ;)

"Who is this human?" The text on this neat package says.
Well, of course it is the famous Erni
-->Bär from Germany... Ist ja klar!
World famous in the world of MailArt and around.
Erni makes collages, impressive installations and he sends... chocolate!
Chocolade ist immer gutt.
That's why I think Erni should be remembered. Is that the correct translation of 'gedenken'?

Erni calls this mailart 'a slow death' and it tells me in Dutch, French and German that smoking can lead to a slow, painful death. It's a tin-like sign on a very thick piece of cardboard.
I wonder if Erni bought the cigarette case in that small part of Belgium
where all three languages are spoken.

Jon Foster, USA, wants to collect a lot of items from MailArtist and put it in an old fashioned, analogue zine. And then he will mail it around the world. So! That means another commission hihi. Lucky for me, Jon also wrote down the reminders and guidelines for this project.
 I am very curious about the end result.

Lots of promotional things for IUOMA, sent by Ruud Janssen, The Netherlands.
I think it would be very nice if people would send more snailmail.
MailArt or just a postcard.
Here in the Netherlands they have plans to reduce the amount of postboxes by 50%! And the post hasn't been delivered on a monday for a long time. Even though that measure is not official yet.
What a shame... Long time ago post was deliverd in the morning and in the afternoon. 
Those were the days... the days of Miss Marple as I remember well.

From France are these altered invitations for an exhibition in Sigean by Valentine Mark Herman and three other artists.
Such a shame that I missed it but but but...
Val and I are planning an exhibition in Maastricht, the Netherlands this july.
We are in the proces of organizing, as we speak/type at the moment.
More information will follow.

Thank you all

Snooble - blue monster