Monday, 26 August 2013

Granny Square Attack

This summer I have not been doing much drawing, painting nor MailArt...
I hope that it will come back when the R is in the month and the chance of hot weather is less. 
But I was hit by a Granny Square Attack.
It started quiet modest with making potholders for friends.
Whether they need them or not, potholders is what they will get the next months. 
These two I made for a friends who owns a vintage, orange vw-bus
with build in (by himself) kitchen.
 This grey-kind-of-amber-yellowish set is for Aivenzjie.
Then I got fascinated by the possibility of combining colours and the effect of repetition, as I had already learned to appreciate by making mini-mandala's in red or blue.
Choosing 7 colours and making all kinds of combinations.
This little blanket is for Ute's doll.
A crafty friend in England encouraged me to try making bunting.
And thanks to her I now have a granny square bunting commission!
Curious about the effect of putting different blue granny squares together,
this blanket was the result. The cats love it.