Thursday, 21 November 2013

Mail Art from... E. Coles

Look what stunning, fantastic Mail Art I received! 
A beautiful boekie made by E. Coles, United Kingdom. 
I am really a lucky bastard to receive this.
As subject of the boekie, Emily chose ' sead heads'. 
What a great piece.
The cover is thick paper with imprints of real leaves, the edge is embellished with thread. 
The pages are a mixture of paint, drawings and collage.
The technique is sewn (in?) signature.
Oooooh, there's a lot of time, creativity and love in this. 
A fabulous addition to my handmade boekies collection!

Thank you very, very much, Emily


Monday, 18 November 2013

Mail Art from... Claudia McGill, Guido Vermeulen and K.S. Chambers

Claudia McGill, USA, sends this Zine titled 'Mom Takes the Train to Pittsburgh, Has a Great Time, and Then Goes Home.' The main characters are: Claudia, orange notebook, a pen and the landscape and fellow passengers between Wyncote and Pittsburgh. 
The cover is handpainted. I really enjoyed reading it. How long did the journey take? Looks like a long... long... very long distance.
Handpainted envelop from Guido Vermeulen, Belgium. Included a numbered and signed postcard (67/100). It's a joined project by R Budha Thoki (Nepal) and Guido titled 'On Fire'. A 'ingenious folded' boekie (A4) as extra! Love the drawings in it. 

Another piece of soup art by K.S. Chambers. Now I have the tastes Ox Tongue & Okra, Tarpan Snout and this one: Jabberwocky. I am really curious now about this project. 

Thank you all

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Mail Art from... Heleen de Vaan, Mim4Art, Thom Courcelle, Erni Bär, K.S. Chambers

Snail-Mail Art from Heleen de Vaan, The Netherlands. Haha, there must be a punnik-virus in the air around the river Amstel.
Both Heleen (Amstelveen) and me (Amsterdam) are hooked again on punniken = spool knitting. Without knowing the other around-the-Amstel-Mail Artist was caught by the virus. 
Look at the lovely tiny envelopes, so cute.
Punnik Mail Art coming your way, Heleen. 
Mim4Art, USA, is famous for her collages! So this ink and watercolour painting is very very special to me. 'Remembered and imagined landscape of my Midwestern youth'. 
Trick or treat Mail Art from Thom Courcelle, USA with poem and printed visual.
I like the sentence 'Some chose caskest, some the urn...'
Story-telling-collage from Erni Bär, Germany. I think the early birdy is going to a Halloween Party in New York and gets lost in a labyrint, paved with red stones. At last the birdy arrives in Utopia which is the red building with coloured windows ;)
K.S. Chambers, USA, sends a numbered piece of the Soup Series.
This one has a different flavour. 

Thank you all for your Mail Art!