Friday, 27 December 2013

Mail Art from... Kellen Raissa, Momkat, Erni Bär, Jon Foster

Looks like firework, this Mail Art from Kellen Raissa, Brasil. It's the first piece I've received from her. 

Blue is always good... and cool. Another piece from Momkat, Greece, in 'our' blue tradition. This one might be related to the firework / end of the year theme.

Which story is Erni Bär, Germany, telling with this collage? This time, I don't have a clue, nor fantasy ... Must be the end of the year ;)

Jon Foster, USA, made a collage that is a sticker! No doubt about that!

Thank you all for your Mail Art.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Monday, 9 December 2013

Mail Art from... Stephanie Blake, Christopher Skinner, Carina Granlund and Rose-Mary

Plastic see-through (numbered!) envelop from Stephanie Blake, USA for Suus in Mokum. 
Enclosed is a gorgeous boekie full of surprises and treasures. I would love to see Stephanie's collection of scraps and other euphemeria.
Another beautiful boekie from Christopher Skinner, United Kingdom. 
It is titled 'Provenance'  and it recounts 'A Short Story in Stone' in print. The boekie has a sewn signature and is also numbered: #6 of 10!
Boekie Time again!
This one is from Carina Granlund, Finland.
I spot Angry Birds stamps and a train in full motion :)
 Wrapped present for me!
Great boekie with vintage images, embellished with stamps and paint.
 Is that guy on the top page washing with a toilet brush?
Carina's boekie is also full of folded page surprises. 
First Mail Art received from Rose-Mary, Netherlands. 
This is a water colour painting on a piece of re-used cardboard. Very nice. 
Rose-Mary also made a pencil drawing on the envelop: a Mucha.
That is two pieces of Mail Art. 

Thank you all!