Thursday, 30 January 2014

Mail Art from... Amy Irwen, Susan K. Wood, Erni Bär and Momkat

CD or DVD mail Art from Amy Irwen, USA. The middle (the hole) is filled up with something soft and the flower and lady bug are hand painted. 
On the photo it looks even more 3D than in real. Great effect.


Delicate filigrin... filigrain... filligran! (Thank you Google...) 
Susan K. Wood, USA, must have a lot of patience! And elegant fingers, me thinks. 
It looks beautiful. And time consuming. 
Sue also is doing Mail Art 365 and this piece is number 309. That's only 56 to go. 
I just posted my #296. In nearly two years. I might send Sue a zombie ;)

Now which Mail Artist has sent this envelop? Well, well, well...???
It's Erni Bär of course! Also known as The Haptic Werewolf. Erni lives in Germany and he is  best friends with UHU. 
Maybe UHU is also haptic? What is haptic? I have no idea...

 Another collage that makes me wonder about the story behind it. 
Or the story that one can make up. 
Handy hog Hang Up! Art! 
 Greece is islands, blue sea, blue roofs and blue Mail Art by Momkat.
This piece reminds me of waves, water, clouds. It's hand stamped and on the back there's a very nice message. 


Thank you all for your Mail Art

Monday, 20 January 2014

Experiment - januari 2014

seven colours - gouache - paper

Ø 30 cm

Monday, 13 January 2014

Mail Art from... Carl Baker, Nancy Bell Scott, Eraser Heed, Astrid

 From Canada, handmade and handpainted box by Carl Baker. Lovely!
Inspiring... for making more o.o.a.k. boekies!
Carl's Mail Art comes with an assignment. A mathematical piece of paper for me to assemble and decorate. Reminds me of frustrating folding classes at school. 
Luckily Carl did already the pre-folding, otherwise I might have a big, big problem.
Nancy Bell Scott, USA, sends this mix media collage, wrapped in - is it wax? - paper. 
Unwrapped, it looks like this. Nancy has a great website with stunning pieces. 
I thought she was a professional artist! Great work. 
Stamped envelop with nostalgic ski-ers from Sweden. 
Ooooh, where is the winter? I am still hoping for snow. 
In the right corner Eraser Heed left a message for the postman... uh stamping machine.
"Porto på baksidan"

 And the backside of the envelop looks like Mail Art as well. Beautiful old stamps.
They are not 'stamped' so the stamping machine can not read ;)
Inside the envelop handmade stamps with also nostalgic pictures. Wonder who these people are. 
My friend Astrid made this new year's card. The only handmade one I got this year so it is the best!
She is not a IUOMA-member but Mail Art it is!
The tangles and doodles look great. 

Thank you all for your Mail Art


Friday, 3 January 2014

Mail Art from... Karinne, Momkat, TofuArt

Happy 2014 and may it be filled with health, creativity and lots of Mail Art. This collage was sent by Karinne, Brasil. Alas no address. I would love to return a piece, Karinne.
Especially made for my birthday by Momkat, Greece.
A card with a cover made of thick layers of blue and white paint.

This is how the outside of the card looks when opened.
 And this is the inside. Stamp Mail Art. Some stamps are handcarved. 
TofuArt, USA, is inspired by patterns and colours, me thinks. Something we share, me thinks, too.
This is mixed media on paper. Love the repetition and combination of colours. 
TofuArt writes that he often uses the metaphor of opening a packet of seeds and scattering them around a garden, when spreading out his art around the world. I wonder what that little piece will grow into, here in Amsterdam ;)

Thank you all for your Mail Art