Monday, 28 April 2014

Mail Art from... Dorina Harangus, CB and Petrolpetal

Mail Art piece created with recycled scraps of paper by Dorina Harangus, Turkey.
Dorina writes she loves recycled... with a purpose. 
Composition with splashes of 'primaire kleuren'
(primary colours? primarily colours? prime colours?) from CB, Germany.
Now... I guess that is from Cristina Blank, but correct me if I am wrong.
This Mail Art arrived in a see-through envelop. 

 A closer look reveils a bunch of spooky-like silly creatures floating in a white rectangle ;) 
 From Petrolpetal, South Africa this mixed media piece made from a 
Sonko wholemeal crispbread box. That doesn't tell from the outside but of course I couldn't resist opening this piece.
And then there's a selection of stamps and gold print. Love the tribal knot.
Petrolpetal has her own signature stamp. Cool. 
Thank you all for your Mail Art

Monday, 14 April 2014

Mail Art from... Momkat, Jay Block and Vizma Bruns

Momkat, Greece, always finds a new way to create a blue piece of Mail Art.
This one is a stamp technique with wassi-wissi tape or what it is called ;)
 Momkat has her own stick up stamps as well!
Included in the envelop is also this red fridge with a camel inside, haha. 
And it gets even better! 
The camel is guarding another piece of blue Mail Art, called 'Camel Time... blue'. 
From Jay Block, USA, this altered postcard with scraps of texts that make a new text.
Amazing how they did survive the long postal journey from the States to the Netherlands,
though some sentenses are missing.
It's from Jay's Calvin Series.
Transparant envelop with red polka dots from Down Under including several pieces. 
Inside an embroidered uh... carnation or rose? That must have taken hours to make. 
Also Vizma Bruns' red bag is included.

 Handmade evelop with wise words and a ticket that is valid for a trip to...?
Aaaaah, it's a piece of magic carpet. 
Will try sitting on it and hope it takes me to Australia in warp speed. 
That would be cool.
Oh, and another nice detail on the transparant envelop was this cute stamp. 
Love it.
Thank you all for your Mail Art

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Bibs for Olivia, Neva and Quinten

At the start of 2014 three collegues have produced a new mini-citizen of the world. 
That inspired me to try making knitted bibs. 
The strings are made with a punnik-thing... 
Knitting spool that is in English, me thinks.