Monday, 30 June 2014

MailArt IN - Morocco, Eva (HMA)

Eva (HMA), Morocco, knits tiny envelops. 
So did I... but I did not use them that much in Mail Art. 
Eva's piece has me inspired to find a way of using them. 

 In the tiny knitted envelop is a long letter, for me. That is lovely.
Also there's a long printed letter on red paper with a witty text. Eva confesses she is in love with the cheerful bright red cow on the boxes that contain the cheese cubes. Eva collects them.  
Now that might be another Mail Art challenge ;) Though me thinks the cheese is rather yak. 

Saturday, 28 June 2014

MailArt IN - Netherland, Nina Hermus

 Mega envelop from Ruud Janssen, the godfather of Mail Art. 
It's a piece of art in itself with letters that remind me of Agatha Christy (poison pen letters hihi).

Colour photo copy of a painting by Ruud, dated 1996. 
What a treat. Included in the colourful envelop also lots of IUOMA-goodies. 

Monday, 23 June 2014

MailArt IN - USA, Rochleigh Z. Wolfe

Paper and paint Mail Art piece from Rochleigh Z. Wolfe, USA. 
Clever combination of textures, colours and stamps. Love the tiny frogs.

Friday, 20 June 2014

MailArt IN - Sweden, Eraser Heed

Another wonderful pen drawing/painting by Eraser Heed, Sweden.
The two birds might listen to the names
Björn & Benny. Or Agnetha & Annifrid? 
 On the back of the envelop this personal stamp.
 See-through envelop in the Mail Arty envelop! Collecting stamps is a relaxing hobby, it says. 
That might be a matter of opinion... it would drive me crazy hihi.
Kjempe bra frimerker fra Sverige! Nice nice ;)

Saturday, 7 June 2014

MailArt IN - France and USA

Marseille pont transbordeux a.k.a. 'French Fish & Chips (without chips)
as Val, France,  has renamed it ;)

Joint Mail Art piece from Angie (USA), Momkat (Greece)
and a third person who's signature I cannot dicypher. Nice detail is the Alice in Wonderland stamp.
Never a dull moment indeed with creating.
Especially when Mail Artists meet and greet somewhere on this globe. 

Who is this guy on the envelop? A George Michael look alike? 
The artist sending this doesn't sign his pieces. His style is his signature. Love the lettering with the 'sun beam' halfway the letters. Looks 3D! 
Thank you all for your Mail Art

Friday, 6 June 2014

Watercolour - experiments

It took quiet a while but I have picked up drawing-painting-creating. 
These are experiments with limited shades of one till four colours and
different amounts of paint and water.
The second one looks very suitable for covers for tiny bookies, me thinks.