Friday, 27 February 2015

Great bargain - cross stitch addicted?

During my lunch walk on Waterloo Market (Amsterdam)
 I saw these interesting boxes. 
2 euro for one box.  
With a bit of Dutch courage I negotiated to get the three of them for 5 euro. 

The boxes are stuffed with strings of embroidery yarn! 
('Course I did the colour sorting.)
Especially the blue and green box is to my liking. 
Now... what to do with these colourful pieces of fibre? 

I started with the alphabet and cross stitch patterns. 
Aaaagh... too much counting and concentrating.
So I had a brainwave: if I can make shapes and repetitive patterns with paint,
why not try painting with embroidery yarn?
Even did some 4x4 colour sudoki's! 
And with 'melange' colours, it looks like the colours are gradually fading 'over into each other'. 

Looks cool, me thinks! 
And I can do cross stitch while watching YouTube and old fashion tv! 
Now... what to do with them? 
I see some nice Mail Art pieces. 
And also I can incorporate them in handmade bookies. 

To be continued...

Monday, 23 February 2015

Mail Art IN - USA, Keith S. Chambers

A lot is going on on this piece of Mail Art. 
Paint, stamps, collage, scraps of labels of fruity products.
A grand, colourful composition. 
The back is a poem with handpainted dots of paper. Wonderful. 
Is there a name for this technique? 
Making a poem by blacking out most of the words?

Thank you, Keith


Friday, 20 February 2015

Mail Art IN - Turkey, Misra and Dorina

Double Mail Art from Turkey. 
Rock cats from Misra and a collage from Dorina, Misra's mum. 
Both write a very kind note, but that is private ;) 

Also a marked fragment of a map. 
I guess where the arrow is, is about where Misra and Dorina live. 
So nice to know. And the Mail Art came all the way. 

Thank you Misra and Dorina

Monday, 16 February 2015

Mail Art IN - France, Laurence Gillot

Mini bling-bling horse in see-through envelop. 

Laurence likes to send quirky, wonderful Mail Art. 
Years ago a donkey with address label and stamp arrived in Amsterdam. 
No envelop, no parcel... just the donkey with stamp and address. 

Donkey now peeps out of the box every year with christmas 
to have a pride place between the other feasty decoration creatures. 
Some very silly creatures ;)
Next christmas (which is luckily a long time away) bling-bling horse will join the bunch.

Thank you, Laurence


Sunday, 15 February 2015

Mail Art IN - Greece, Momkat

Kind of Valentine card from Greece for me, waaaahoooo! 
Beautiful colours and clever result of using paint. 
This card makes Valentine less 'bah humbug' ;)

Thank you, Momkat

Friday, 13 February 2015

Look what I found - Menu from 1978

Working my way through boxes with lots of memories, 
post from the past and treasures. 
And then I found this menu, made by me in 1978. 
It was for my sister's communion. 

How fun how the memory works. 
Suddenly i remember  I had just discoverd Oost-Indische ink and pen with nibs. 
I  was drawing and writing all the time. Even little stars on my nails ;) 
The apron of the creature (my sister) shows a pattern. 
Maybe drawing patterns and doodles is in my genes?

Monday, 9 February 2015

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Mail Art OUT - Austria

Monica Mori sent me an invitation by mail to contribute to her 
Mail Art Call 'Turquoise Mail Art'. 
What an honour and what a grand idea! 
Have a look at her blog to see the creative, inspiring pieces by Mail Artists all over the world.


Monday, 2 February 2015

Mail Art IN - The Netherlands, Heleen de Vaan

Doodles and nice lettering on envelop by my neighbour Mail Artist. 
(Where did you get that great, funny stamp, Heleen?)
It's designed by Heleen herself and then she had the
postcards titled 'Colour your year' printed in a limited edition

This 'kleurplaat' (colour-in-postcard) is homework for me. 
Will return the result.

Thank you, Heleen