Monday, 29 June 2015

Mail Art IN - USA, Prairie Kittin

 Plastified postcard. One side shows a variety of doodles.
The other side silly creatures! No offense meant. 
What is it? 
A bango-playing octopus with snorkel on its head? Cool. 

Thank you, Prairie Kittin

Monday, 22 June 2015

Mail Art IN - Greece, Momkat

 Thick bookie with lots of pages from Momkat, Greece.

The pages are paper bags! 
 With hidden surprises and
 lots of thingies that are now covering the floor.
 Almonds still life?

 The bag-bookie is signed!
And the authentic blue stamp. Of course. 

Thank you, Momkat

Monday, 8 June 2015

Mail Art IN - Canada, Mailarta

From Dame Mailarta, Canada 
Big envelop with lots of stickers. 
The silly creature in the right bottom corner looks very familiar ;) 

Canadian ice-hockey player on the back and a sheet of MailMania stamps included. 
Those are very handy for embellishing mail art. 

Oops, did I miss that? It's dated 12 september - 3 october 2014. 

Dame Mailarta sends lots to read, all to do with MailMania5. 
Dale Roberts was the curator. 
Maybe this is a hint to encourage me to join more Mail Art Events? 

Thank you, Mailarta (oops... I posted this by mistake as Mail Art from Mailart Martha. So sorry...)


Monday, 1 June 2015

Mail Art IN - Stripygoose, United Kingdom

A famous birdy by the famous Stripygoose, United Kingdom has arrived. 
Together with a handmade bookie about two ginger chickens. 
Please enjoy reading it.
No comments needed.

A Tale of Two Chickens called: ' there were two chickens'

 Wooohoooo! Very cool story in great handmade, sewn bookie. 
And all this was sent in a kind of Edgar Poe-like envelop.
(Is it a black raven?)
Thank you Stripygoose!