Saturday, 2 April 2016

Mail Art IN - The Netherlands, Ruud Janssen

It's been a while since this bulky envelop arrived.
From Ruud Janssen, Mr IUOMA himself!
Nearly a whole Dutch sheet of folklore stamps needed to send it.
... The Missing I... ?

 A book about The International Union of Mail-Artists is included spanning the two first decades. 
This is a collector's item. 
I didn't have a clue about Mail Art in 2008. 
But I did send lots of mail. 
Handmade pieces as well. 

I remember discovering the IUOMA-website in 2012. 
Feeling very reluctant to join... International Union of Mail Artists???
Definitely not me, I thought.
So happy I am a flexible person, hihi.

Ruud even sent me to i's because that letter is missing on a stamp I got from another MailArtist.
Alas, I don't know where that stamp is now.
To be continued.

Thank you, Ruud


Mail Art OUT - The Netherlands #444

For Tess
Born 8 march 2016